History of WQS – Cornwall’s premier ISO consultancy

Mike & his dog
Experienced ISO consultant and Managing Director, Mike Jarvis, has spent the last 20 years working with clients to improve their production and quality control of processes leading to improved efficiency, increased profits and reduced waste. Over recent years the company has expanded its scope of services to include a variety of National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS) which include Traffic Management, Landscaping & Ecology, White Lining and also FSC & PEFC certification. Mike was personally responsible for the following achievements:-

  • Winner of the export award for Cornwall twice.
  • Supplier to the Military & NASA.
  • Subject of a 15 minute presentation for Westcountry Television.
  • Introduced to HRH Prince Charles in recognition of business innovation.
  • Helped a major company reduce their rework by 94%, saving them almost ¬£100k within 12 months.
  • Organized and ran dozens of exhibitions all over Europe and America.
  • Set up distribution chains throughout Europe & USA.
  • Designed & set up production lines both in the UK and China.
  • Created Technical Manuals to control production quality for suppliers from the far East.
  • Worked with teams of 200+ to set up production and quality control.
  • Helped companies get on approved suppliers lists, enabling them to increase their business.
  • Provided valuable support for CE product certification.
  • Provide on-going site support, auditing and system maintenance.
  • Provide help and advice on Quality, Environmental, Information security and CE marking issues.
  • National Highway Sector Schemes 12ab, 12c & 12d traffic management.
  • National Highway Sector Scheme 10b Vehicle restraint barrier systems.
  • National Highway Sector Scheme 18 Landscaping, ecology and arboricultural services.

Client operations include:-

  • Aluminium Die Casting
  • Architects and Design Houses
  • Traffic Management
  • Grass cutting & Landscaping
  • Website Building & Hosting
  • Military Installation Support Services
  • Skip & Bin collection service
  • Tree works
  • Printing companies
  • Waste management & logistics
  • CCTV monitoring & intruder alarms
  • Roof Truss Manufacturer
  • Waste recycling company
  • Quarry & Mining Work
  • Sewage & water treatment
  • Home Care Services