Tree clearance

This Sector Scheme describes the NHSS 18 quality management system requirements to be established by organizations providing landscape, environment and ecology new works and maintenance for a broad spectrum of clients, including but not limited to parks, gardens, open areas infrastructure. WQS provides NHSS 18 consultancy for certification.

This document interprets the requirements of British Standard BS EN ISO 9001 and shall be read in conjunction with that standard. Works will include, but not be limited to the following primary categories:

A)  Arboricultural
B)  Landscape Construction
C)  Landscape Maintenance
D)  Environmental Management Activities
E)  Application and Management of Pesticides
F)  Ecological Management Activities
G)  Amenity

The following secondary/sub-categories have been identified; however some may apply within the above primary categories e.g. control of rabbits and deer may not be included in A) Arboricultural

  • weed control
  • control of rabbits and deer
  • application and management of pesticides
  • ground preparation
  • grass seeding, wildflower seeding and turfing
  • planting
  • grass, bulbs and wildflower maintenance
  • watering
  • establishment maintenance for planting
  • arboricultural work
  • maintenance of established trees and shrubs
  • management of water bodies
  • special ecological measures
  • litter picking
  • Mechanical tree and vegetation removal
  • Stone picking (in prep for turfing etc)
  • Rolling
  • Sub-Soiling (for more effective water draining)

Typical flow chart for the implementation of NHSS 18 systems