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NHSS 12ab High speed dual carriageway or motorway with or without contraflow.

WQS is an experienced NHSS consultancy. Any company looking to deploy traffic management must be registered with LANTRA for the relevant national highway sector scheme. There are key elements required for all traffic management approvals:-

  • ISO 9001 quality management system, accredited by a UKAS-approved certification body.
  • NHSS 12ab high speed on dual carriageways traffic management registration with a UKAS-approved certification body
  • LANTRA-trainedTraffic Safety Control Officer (TSCO), supervisors and operatives
  • Documented  procedures for controlling the methods used to safely operate to best practice
  • Method statements and work instruction packs that must include drawings of proposed road layouts
  • Records required to provide evidence of correct maintenance and set up
  • Risk assessments carried out for every job
  • Traffic counts plus any site maintenance needed
  • reports of incidents, accidents and near-misses
  • Vehicle check records, prior to vehicle use
  • Equipment used list, to ensure all signs are accounted for when traffic management is removed
  • All operatives must carry LANTRA cards while on site.

 Other documents to consider are:-

*  The Red Book
*  Chapter 8
*  ISO 9001
*  NHSS 12ab
*  Publications from UKAS

Typical process flow of set-up for NHSS12ab.

High speed dual carriageway or motorway with or without contraflow

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